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Build Download Change Details Src
5983 Fix default value always being when calling ParmValue(string,string).
5982 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
5981 Update Empires gamedata (supercedes #599).
5980 Fixed typo on previous PR (#600)
5979 Updated CS:GO gamedata.
5978 Fix CS:GO gamedata.
5977 HUD is now supported on CSGO (#598)
5976 Update TF2 gamedata.
5975 Fix AllowClLanguageVar setting being ignored in CS:GO.
5974 Make CS:GO recognize both / and \ for GetMapDisplayName (#592)
5973 Update Insurgency gamedata.
5972 Update FoF gamedata.
5971 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
5970 Update Linux CS:GO TerminateRound gamedata.
5969 Sanitize servercfgfile and lservercfgfile values with sm_cvar (bug 6579).
5968 Update CS:GO TerminateRound gamedata (#575)
5967 Limit Black Mesa to 6 max radio menu items. (7+ not bound)
5966 Enable Radio menus for Black Mesa.
5965 Fix threaded query's result handle access rights (#567)
5964 Update blacklist.plugins.txt
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